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"Is it not the will of God the Almighty that the laboring of the peoples should end in fire, and the toiling of the nations come to nothing?." ---Habbakuk 2:13


The Code of the Apocalypse

"The great day of God is near...near, and coming with all speed. How bitter the sound of the day of God, the day when the warrior shouts his cry of war. A day of wrath, that day, a day of distress and agony, a day of ruin and of devastation...a day of trumpet blast and battle cry..." Zeph.1:14-16


There is a single word in the Bible
and it has continued, since the day it was first written, to electrify the world's complacency. That word is 'Armageddon'. It is not a secular term, nor does it appear in the Old Testament. It comes from Jesus Christ. Disdained and ridiculed by intellectuals and church members alike, it remains the greatest source of anxiety and consternation in the scriptures. That is because it is a warning that comes to us from the throne of the Creator.

Issued from heaven, it carries with it the promise of early fulfillment, and it was delivered in stern and sober terms under a mandate that everyone on earth take careful note of its implications. As the greatest source of the fear of God, it is the second side of His double-edged sword.

Jesus declared that He, alone, is the source of life. And all the prophecies in this book are built on His predictions and teachings. If Jesus is true, then the Bible's warnings are the most important spiritual bulletins any of us will ever hear. They tell us that we are in a war that we cannot see, and that our actions with respect to Christ's commands will determine our final fate -- both on this rocky battlefield and in heaven. And all that any of us know about this battle comes by way of prophecy.

During biblical times the office of the prophet was steeped in importance, forming one of the three governing branches of Israel's theocracy. But that office seems to have vanished in the Christian era. (Zech.13:2). It's disappearance, in fact, has been so complete there are many who question whether true prophets even exist in the Christian Church today. The Apostle's have said that they do. (1 Cor.14:1-4, 29-40; Rev.11:32). And there is a sentence in the Book of Daniel (Dn.12:4), which shows that not only do they exist, their final age is about to dawn.

God locked a major reservoir of revelation into the scriptures by sealing the words of Daniel and binding them tightly shut until just before the earth was scheduled to pass away. What this action by God insures is that in the days leading up to the appointed End, an age of prophecy will suddenly appear in the world and because a part of it will come from God, no one will be able to prevent it from happening.

In order to understand this prophecy as it comes -- and it has already started -- we must first understand the Bible.

Both Testaments of the Bible are connected to one another by common themes which contain all the mysteries of life. These puzzles are hidden in codes which the prophets have all contributed shares to complete. Going through the prophecies of scripture, we can piece these codes together and solve their hidden mysteries.

The key to all the codes is Jesus Christ. Therefore, when each of these puzzles is placed against the Gospels, the secrets hidden within them, pour easily out.

Completing an examination of scriptural prophecy begun in the first volume, this book focuses on the key subjects of biblical prophecy as they relate to the last days of Christ's harvest on earth.

The divine millenium of Christian rule in the world is now in the process of collapse -- undermined by a 'Great Revolt' against that rule. This is a religious rebellion that has been quietly in progress since the earliest days of the Church -- but which has suddenly, in this last century, broken loudly to the surface and now involves vast numbers of people all across the globe. It's explosive acceleration in the last few years has catapulted us onto the doorstep of the terminal warnings of scripture. (2 Thes.2:2-12).

If this revolt continues, the collapse of western civilization must be considered imminent. Just how this 'collapse' will progress as far as the Bible is concerned is discussed in the following chapters, each of which chart important aspects of the final moments of history as specified thousands of years ago in the pages of scripture.

By examining the cryptology involved -- both in the New Testament and in the Old Testament -- it is possible to decipher, not only what is being said, but to determine how each vision relates to all the other codes and prophecies that surround it.

It is important to know these relationships because bible prophecy revolves around essential patterns, which, when understood, allow us to better know God and comprehend His plan for us. God intended that we search for these patterns and understand them, because it is this understanding that protects us from being led astray by charlatans.

Starting with the world's revolt against God's armistice, the following pages trace a rapidly deteriorating sequence into the bowels of the wrath which that rebellion has initiated. Just behind all this decreed destruction lies the Day of Examination when we shall all be brought up before heaven's tribunal to answer for the way in which we have lived our lives.

The emerging patterns in scripture show that we live today in the looming shadow of the millenium's collapse. We live in a time of revolt and armies. The signs of the times are shouting their own, "Mene, Mene, Tekel and Parsin" (Dn.5:25-28), and the message translates that our world has now arrived at the portal of the promised oblivion, and unless there is a major turn back to faith, and very soon, it will pass through that opening with no way back.

The churches must stop condoning the rush to worldliness which has begun to envelop our times, and return to preaching the truth. Lukewarm in their faith and in their enthusiasm for Christ, too many ministers now preach a religious veneer that condemns obsession with Jesus. These potentates of religion have fallen victim to their own preoccupation -- a desire to separate themselves from the harsher realities of Christ while embracing the humanistic agenda dictated by the community of Babylon.

There can be little question that the Bible's Prostitute, the mortally-wounded maid Babylon, is back with us again. She has been reborn from her deathbed where she lay for almost 2000 years, and even people within the church have participated in her resurrection. Unwitting agents in her reappearance on earth, most men of the cloth no longer speak about the end of the world or the grave penalty for sin. Under the growing ridicule of God's enemies, many have fallen silent about the Gospel's rules or the burning lake of sulphur that awaits the wicked.

This brings us back to the most graphic code of all -- Armageddon. The churches have allowed this word to become a joke on earth. Yet, that word, coming, as it does, from the throne of heaven, gives certain proof that the discipline of God far exceeds our own.

The code of the Bible is at its most transparent when it talks to us about God's imminent Judgment and the fiery termination of our planet. We try to ignore the fact that a field of worms lies silently waiting just beyond our lives, its mouth open widely, and only a speeding car away. Every day it gathers people up -- eventually consuming everyone who passes by this way. Even those who live to old age, look back at their lives with sheer astonishment at the shortness of its term. Peggy Lee gave voice to this discovery when she sang, "Is that All There Is?" It was a song to shake the godless.

Apocalyptic events are very real, palpably close and only heaven's saved evade their finality. There is only one escape in life from death and those who find it, find a treasure of incalculable value. Those who ignore it, lose everything -- no matter how much in this world they have gained. Taking the side of Babylon, they have chosen badly and failed their chance at life.

The Bible has a very important message for us from God and it is essential that we discover what it is and follow it as carefully as we possibly can while we still have the chance. It is a message about living forever -- about never having to die. That message is hidden in the code of Jesus, and it follows the template of Moses. It is all about mercy and love, peace and compassion and kindness toward others.

There is nothing in life more important than that we break this code and assimilate its secret into our soul by putting into practice in our own lives its message, while placing behind us everything that monopolized our attention beforehand.

According to scripture, we are Satan's prisoners of war -- held for ransom in a battle between the devil and God. To show this captivity, and our escape from it, most of the stories of the Bible are woven around two major incarcerations of the House of Israel. The first is the captivity of Egypt and the second is the captivity of Babylon.

The release of God's people from these two imprisonments is celebrated in the same week of the year -- with each of the two Houses of Israel celebrating a different escape. 'Passover' is the feast celebrating the escape of the Hebrews from the land of Egypt. 'Easter' is the celebration of the hidden House of Israel's escape from the land of Babylon.

The two are closely related. When God raised up Moses to lead the twelve tribes of Israel to the Promised Land, He warned them that His kindness was not unconditional. They had to be good. Moses told them that if they sinned and refused to obey God's covenant, all twelve would be torn out of the Promised Land and scattered to the farthest ends of the earth -- to a place scripture calls 'Babylon'.

This warning meant that the covenant which God made with the House of Israel through Moses could be terminated if the people abandoned the commandments.

They did. And as promised, the Mosaic covenant was rescinded by God and His people were sent out of Judea into an exile that extended to the farthest corners of the earth. Although this second exile evolved in stages over several hundred years, the day that it was formally consummated occurred on a dark friday afternoon in Jerusalem when Jesus was lifted up on a cross and crucified.

Israel had rejected the good. The old covenant was instantly dissolved, and in its place a new covenant appeared. (Jer.31:31-34). As a part of this new covenant, God raised up out of crucifixion a 'branch' from David to shepherd the people, not just out of Babylon, but out of death itself, leading them back to an eternal Jerusalem in the kingdom of heaven.

This 'branch' -- this 'Son of David' -- was Jesus Christ, and the flight of the refugees from out of Babylon was the 'ingathering from dispersion' that Jeremiah had long ago predicted. (Jer.23:3-8).

This is why Easter has replaced Passover. It is because Jesus Christ has replaced Moses. The exodus from Egypt didn't work so God created another exodus in its place which couldn't fail. And both journey's were part of a single plan. From the beginning there was only Jesus.

God had created Passover specifically to point to Jesus Christ and to mankind's rescue from the captivity of sin. The escape of the House of Israel out of Egypt had not led them out of sin. Still subject to sin, they were still subject to death. And this was the whole point.

Only in the destruction of death could anyone be free from the penalty of sin. And that is exactly what Jesus did on the cross and through his resurrection. He destroyed death forever. Not for everyone, but only for those who choose to accept his death as their own.

Once we are marked in his death by baptism in his name, we are freed from the penalty of the Law which demands our death and which rules this world in death. In this single act we escape the sword of Babylon.

But we must not remain here. There is another sword coming. The Spirit of God caused scripture to say, "Those who have escaped Babylon's sword must leave that place". (Jer.51:50). This is because a great destruction is coming against Babylon. This destruction points to the end of Satan's world.

Evil and righteousness cannot coexist. Wherever the two meet there will always be Armageddon. God proved this by forming our universe in matter and anti-matter, two substances that explode catastrophically when they come in contact with one another.

In the same way, when God sent Jesus into the world, He declared war on the world. But before God launched that war He structured a peace treaty (Christ on the cross) to give anyone who wanted to escape with their lives a chance to do so. But there is nothing casual about this opportunity. It is short-lived and it is urgent. And there are no alternatives.

Babylon is a doomed civilization living its last hours in raucous disdain for the things of God. And the time for its destruction, long predicted in the scriptures, has now arrived. This is the 'Wrath' -- the time of terror scripture says will plunge the planet into unprecedented violence and consume all its works in fire -- a fire so vast that not only will it bring the earth to an end, but the entire universe as well.

It will penetrate so deeply into creation that even the spiritual world of the soul will not be able to evade it. This means no one can escape what is coming simply by dying. Even the unprotected souls will be destroyed in the catastrophic Wrath that has now begun to unfold, and that is why we have to leave Babylon and follow Jesus Christ.

The only way out of this world -- the only way to escape being consumed in the destruction of this world -- is by the path that Jesus created for us to follow. This path is the Gospel he preached. And it leads to the kingdom of heaven -- a place God has put so far away none of the catastrophes coming against this world can impact there.

It was not enough for the Israelites in Egypt to simply paint the blood of the lamb on the doorposts of their houses so that the Avenger would not kill their children. They had to get away from those houses and follow Moses out of Egypt. And the same applies to us today. We cannot remain a part of Babylon after we are baptised in the blood of Christ. We must follow the path he prescribed. There is very little time left for our flight.

The purple shades of evening are gathering now everywhere we look. And when the night comes, so will the fire. Everything on this earth will disappear in flames. That is why we cannot flee to anyplace on the face of the earth. Our journey has to be one of conversion into righteousness -- a spiritual journey into the kind of compassion and mercy taught by the lord of creation when He walked through the fields and plains of Galilee.

The Last Days of Babylon

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