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Christmas and Parousia


The early Christians had one prophetic word relating to the end of the world. It stood for both the appearance of the Rebel and 'the Second Coming' of Christ. That word was 'Parousia'. The bi-polar circumstances inherent in this single definition points to the close relationship between these two appearances ­ the satanic "Daystar" figure who claims to be god, but brings the Tribulation. Following close behind him will be the Return of Jesus Christ.

There is a cosmic representation of these two figures. Venus in the winter sky rises in the east just before the dawn at the darkest point of the night. Close behind is the rising of the sun.

There is a certain day set aside in the Christian calendar for the appearance in the world of a divine Being. That day is January 6th, Epiphany-the word itself meaning 'appearance' or 'manifestation'. In the western church epiphany represents the day Jesus Christ was made manifest to the people of the world, i.e., the day the 3 Wise Men visited Him as He lay in the manger at Bethlehem.

In the Eastern Orthodox church Epiphany represents the day of Christ's birth (the eastern church does not recognize the western Christmas).  Ths same date also represents to them the date of Jesus' baptism by John at the river Jordan (thought by eastern Christians to have occured 30 years to the day after His birth).

In its ultimate fulfillment, however, the word and the date point to the Parousia ­ the word with the double meaning.

Whether the Rebel, as the impersonation of divinity, or Jesus, returning as the true Son of God will make their appearance in the view of the world on this specific date (Epiphany) cannot be said for certain, but scripture is clear that the whole Christmas season has deep symbolic ties to the pivotal events of the last days.

Because the calendar governing Christ's return has been divinely altered, it is not possible to link His Second Coming with this date (or any other date, for that matter), but the Rebel's appearance seems to be another matter. Since Epiphany follows by only 12-22 days the event of the abomination of the sacrifice (see below), the 'son of perdition' will likely make himself manifest to the world very near to this date (January 6), if not coincident with it.

Following the bishop's murder the identity of the beast will be clear to everyone who understands the prophecy. The assassination itself will permit the Rebel to openly manifest himself before the world, and his coronation will confirm it in terms which are absolute. For this reason, in the aftermath of this devastating martyrdom, the final events of the End will cascade upon each other, one after another, each precipitated by the other in rapid succession.

The persecution of the Jews by Antiochus lasted a little over 3 years-in fact, the Jewish sanctuary itself lay desolate almost 3 years to the day. The prophecies of Daniel indicate that the persecutions of the Rebel will follow a similar pattern. (Dn. 12:11).

The "Desolating sacrifice" was instituted on the 15th day of Chislev (1 Macc.1:54). Thus the Jewish altar was desecrated and the Temple profaned. Chislev is Hebrew month on the lunar calendar which correlates with the Christian month of December on the solar calendar..

Three years later, on the 25th of Chislev, the Temple was purified again by Judas Maccabees who removed the desolating object that had profaned it (1 Macc.4:52), an event commemorated ever after by the Jewish people in the celebration known as Hannukah.

Ten days in December separate these two events, the Temple profaned and the Temple purified. This is the same number of days that often separate Hannukah from Christmas. The coincidence in these two dates may be portents of the future.

The Rebel's assassination of the Prince of the Covenant (Christianity's holy Bishop) will be quickly followed by the rout of the sanctuary and the abolition of the Perpetual Sacrifice (the Eucharist). That is the moment when Jesus said that everyone in Judea should run for their lives by escaping to the mountains. (Mat. 24:15-16).

The assassination of the Christian bishop will launch the harshest events of the Tribulation.

According to the Apostle Paul (2 Thess 2:7), God has decreed that for as long as that Bishop (the one who will later be assassinated) remains in place overseeing the perpetuation of the Last Supper, the rebellion will be kept at bay. But when he is removed, the whole Church will collapse ­ Catholic, Protestant, Greek-all of it.

"That day-it is the Lord God who speaks-the peg driven into a firm place will give way. It will be torn out and will fall. And the whole load hanging on it will be shattered, for God has spoken." (Is. 22:25).

With the Bishop's death the signal will be clear ­ the 'Abomination of Desolation' is at hand ­ the Rebel is on his way to the sanctuary. Tearing down the communion sacrifice and erecting iniquity in its place, the beast "will enthrone himself in God's sanctuary and claim that he is god" (2 Thess 2:4), thus making inevitable the world's end. (Is.24:5-6).

Daniel used the disastrous abomination in the sanctuary as the measuring point for his 1290 days of Christian persecution, and the 1335 days. The latter illustrating a 45-day period of world darkness and disaster beginning with the Rebel's death, his army's annihilation by God, and Michael's journey to Jerusalem. (Dn.12:11-12).

For this reason, we must see the assassination of the 'anointed one' (Dn 9:26) and the desecration of the sacrifice he ruled, as the 'Pearl Harbor' of the second war of the Apocalypse-the definitive signal that the final war against Christ (Rv. 20:7-9) has been officially launched by the people of the world. (Dn. 12:11).



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