The 1290 Days

'Daniel,' he said 'go away: these words are to remain secret and sealed until the time of the End. Many will be cleansed, made white and purged; the wicked will go on doing wrong; the wicked will never understand; but the learned will understand.

From the moment that the perpetual sacrifice is abolished and the disastrous abomination erected: 1290 days. Blessed is he who stands firm and attains 1335 days." (Dn.12:11-12)

Daniel used the disastrous abomination in the sanctuary as the measuring point for his 1290 days of Christian persecution, and the 1335 days. The latter illustrating a 45-day period of world darkness and disaster that will begin with the Rebel's death, and include his army's annihilation by God, and Michael's journey to Jerusalem. (Dn.12:11-12).

The abomination that the Rebel sets up in the holy place will be the defining moment in the tribulation. For this reason, we must see the assassination of the 'anointed one' ('the anointed one cut off' -Dn.9:26) and the desecration of the sacrifice he ruled, as a sort of 'Pearl Harbor' of the second war of the Apocalypse -- the definitive signal that the final war against Christ (Rv. 20:7-9) has been officially launched by the people of the world. (Dn. 12:11).

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