The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

In the Book of Revelation, the breaking of the first four of the Seven Seals:

When the first seal is broken
, the Book of Revelation shows that Jesus Christ (sent by the Word) is able to make His appearance among men and to ride His white horse -- a steed called 'Integrity' -- across the earth. With His arm in full swing, He brings a sword, not peace to the planet, and victoriously cuts a path of righteousness wherever He goes. See Rev. 6:1

When the second seal is broken, the Gospel calls out once again, and this time it brings a red horse whose rider wields a huge sword that takes away peace from the earth and sets people killing each other. As this rider guides his red steed across the planet, war and violence rise to a fever pitch all across the globe. See Rev. 6:3

When the third seal is broken, the black horse of commerce appears. Toil and labor and greed consume the nations in the wake of its hoofbeats. Confronting one another, the red horse of war and the black horse of commerce battle for supremacy over the earth, setting the stage for the fourth horseman of the apocalypse to make his appearance. See Rev. 6:5

When the fourth seal is broken, a deathly pale horse whose rider is called plague appears, and Hades follows at his heels. A fourth of the earth, the Bible says, will be destroyed in the famine brought by Plague and Hades. The Black plagues of Europe, the Irish Potatoe famine, Syphillus, Gonorreah, Tuberculosis, AIDS and Ebola all had their conception in the silent hoofbeats of this fourth spiritual equestrian. And there is much more to come from this last rider of the Apocalypse and from the companion who follows at his heels. See Rev. 6:7

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