The Seven Hills of Babylon

The seven hills of Babylon mentioned in the prophecies of scripture seem to relate to the seven hills of Rome. Certainly they do, and this obvious reference has enabled biblical scholars to appreciate the transposition of Babylon from an ancient nation at the banks of the Euphrates into the more modern 'Italian' giant that ruled the world at the time of Christ.

The realization that the concept of "Babylon" was spiritual and could cross national boundaries was a major leap in the understanding of Bible prophecy. It represented one of the fundamental building blocks in spiritual metaphore.

It opened the veil of symbolism. In this respect, Babylon's seven hills can be seen as references to the seven continents, the land masses that constitute the planetary habitat of mankind, and thus presenting a veiled description of the earth itself.

Yet these seven hills have a spiritual reference that is just as international in scope and even more antagonistic to the will of the Creator. They stand for the seven world leaders that have taken it upon themselves to pursue Satan's primary objective: his attempt to destroy the House of Israel.

Seven times, scripture and history have shown, the people of Israel (the people of God) have been physically attacked and systematically murdered under national edicts of persecution and/or extermination. The leaders of these attacks constitute the seven heads of the beast in the Book of Revelation.

The nations themselves are the seven hills. They are listed below.

1. Egypt
2. Assyria
3. Babylon
4. Persia
5. Greece
6. Rome
7. Germany

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