Christian Ministry Site Recommendations from Vijay (Vijay Chellathurai)

Chocolate Soldiers
heart touching story of persecution and deliverance of God's people in Russia and China during the beginning of Communist empire in 1933 and 1948. (Also available in text on the internet at
(absolutely gripping story of anabaptist16th century reformation story.)
(we are The King's children.. hence let's take a look at our Father's standards of modesty)
(audio) ( This message is one of the greatest messages that the Holy Spirit has enabled mortal men to speak in the recent time.. on the ranks with 'Sinners in the hands of Angry God'.
(to follow Jesus... Lk 14)
(militant evangelism)
(Tozer devotion.. takes you to the height of spirtual surrender to God.)
( stirs God's people)
(Revivalist and author of 'why revival tarries')

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