In 1980 a French pharmaceutical executive, Jean Charles de Fontebrun, who had studied the writings of Nostradamus for 17 years, published a highly touted book about him. It became a phenomenal bestseller all across the world in the mid-1980's. Europe quivered in fear in anticipation of the terrible Nostradamus predictions about to befall their continent. But history now shows that this 1550 A.D. prophet and his interpreter were more than blind.

According to De Fontebrun, all of Nostradamus' predictions were supposed to end in 1999. So everything he predicted in his 1980 book should already have happened by now (2001).

But in looking at what really happened in world history over that period, we can see that virtually all of these visions were just fiction. Almost none of the things predicted in his book or in the quatrains came even close to true. Just the opposite. And, more than that, he missed the truly momentous events which actually did occur during that period.

For instance, the break-up and dissolution of the Soviet Union. That was one of the biggest events of the 20th century. But he didn't see it. That astounding disintegration put to rest virtually all of the prophecies he had listed.

Instead of West Germany being invaded, as he predicted, the Berlin wall came down. No revolutions occurred in England or France. There were no Bourbons. No French and Spanish armies. There were no armies landing on the Mediterranean coasts. No Soviet troops. No war with China -- just the opposite, especially in terms of trade. Even the earthquakes were different.

He missed the war in Bosnia -- the breakup of Yugoslavia, the events in Israel, the sweeping victory of world democracy and the greatest economic boom in world history. He did not see the growth of international terrorism, nor the attempted assassination of the Pope.

Although a war in the Middle East did occur during that time frame, in everything else his prophecies were a string of spectacular failures, proving once again that the future will always surprise us.

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