When we examine Daniel from an historical point of view. we find that his words circulated around Alexander the Great, the Greek militarist who conquered the world in the second century before Christ; and in the events which followed that conquest. Soon after Alexander led western forces to their deepest penetration and conquest of the east in recorded history, he suddenly died and his generals divided his empire into four parts.

Daniel's is not a verbatim account of that historical period; significant differences abound. This shows that the world of the end will follow the template of Alexander's historical circumstance, but will have new elements of its own interspersed throughout. The main points are obvious. An empire with uncanny similarity to that of Alexander the Great will be militarily successful against gathering forces of the east. Seeming to fulfill that vision, America, a powerful western nation promoting Democracy (a Greek invention) has risen to the pinnacle of world power in just the last century. Each time it has been attacked by the forces of the east, the assaults have been repulsed and extinguished. We have seen that with Japan, with the Soviet Union and Iraq (the 'Media' of ancient times) in the Gulf War. Skirmishes in Korea and Vietnam have further refined the boundaries of western influence in eastern affairs. Now we have entered another war, this time against the Moslim terrorist cells that have spread throughout the Middle East and far into Asia. It is the second part of the western war against the two horns of the ram in Daniel's prophecy. That second horn, larger than the first, is Osama bin Laden. (See footnote)

These events fit very snugly into the prophecies of Daniel. So much so, in fact, that it is possible to forecast some of the coming events. Those forecasts and prophecies are scattered throughout this web site.

For instance, though long and hard-fought, the United States will lead the world to victory in the war just embarked upon. After this war ends, for a brief moment, the western world will occupy the world throne. However, that position will not last long. Despite winning this latest campaign, the empire of the west will be broken up into four parts. Daniel said that it will be scattered to the four winds, just as Alexander's was after his sudden and unexpected death. The components of that scattering will form and align the nations and armies of the last days. As it rises we will witness the birth of the 'Ten Nations', the prophetic antagonist to world peace, whose empire is later re-combined by the beast. These are the concepts Daniel has introduced us to in the clarity of his incredible vision.

Daniel used the incidents of the rise and spread of Greek culture and Alexander's western empire as the foreshadowing events of a future time when the end of the world is to occur. Throughout history no era has ever matched. That is why God instructed Daniel to write that his book was sealed and could not be opened until the time for its revelation came to hand. For over 2000 years, the book has abided in its secrecy. But suddenly, we can now see the events and circumstances his pages long ago revealed. Coinciding with the rebuilding of Jerusalem, the book of Daniel has been opened before our eyes.

We are on the precipice of an expansion of western ideologies and culture virtually to the ends of the earth.

Symbolically, then, Western Civilization must see itself in our time as the re-birth of Alexander. How this democratic ideal for the world crashes, and breaks into four dissident parts, is unknown to us now, but it will happen and we are not far from that disintegration.

A great question remains to be answered, how will the death of Alexander be replicated in current history's near future? In that question and answer lies the fate of the United States of America as we know it. Will a cataclysmic event occur? Will the U.S. fall and be replaced by another, similar nation? The most likely answer seems to foretell the sudden death of the world-wide alliance of western nations. The United States will be forced to withdraw to the isolation of its own shores, committed by prophecy to the defense of Israel. Europe, Asia and the Middle East will likely be the other three components. These four world forces will be pitted against one another and, in a new system of alliances, a 'north' and 'south' will appear in the eastern hemisphere, lined up along a maginot-like line at the Euphrates river.

As soon as this reconfiguration of nations comes to pass, catastrophic war is imminent. When the appropriate moment arrives, eastern forces will sweep across the Euphrates and pour into the west and down towards Israel. Different from the past, the east will prove so successful in these campaigns that they are able to capture huge segments of the western world, and stretch their reach even into the new world.

For more on Daniel's prophecies and their outcome, see "The Last Days of Babylon".

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