The Last Days of Babylon

The Bible's Timetable for the Apocalypse

According to Jesus, The Book of Daniel holds the key to events surrounding the last days. Once the initial phases of Daniel's predicted "4th kingdom of Persia" begin to unfold, a sequence will be launched that will take the world quick step by quick step through the collation of his prophecies straight to the Armageddon John described in the Book of Revelation.

That sequence seems to have been launched with the Persian Gulf War. This small, but immeasurably important fight between east and west, positioned at the Euphrates River was in the right place and it followed in an uncanny way the prophetic template issued by Daniel. A western army "crossed the earth without touching the ground" and it crushed the Ram of the East at the Euphrates.

But Daniel wrote that this war will have two parts and that the greater of these would be the second.

That means a second Gulf War -- a war greater than the last, led by a second middle eastern firebrand in the same neighborhood of the Euphrates -- and though far more devastating, fated, said Daniel, to a similar end. In light of everything else that has happened in the world during the fateful 20th Century, if this second Gulf War does indeed occur, the Christian world will be on firm notice that the Bible's ultimate moment of prophecy has truly arrived.

Editors Note: With the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan, that second Gulf War (the war pitting the west against the second horn of the eastern ram in Daniel's prophecy) has now begun. It was precipitated by the events of September 11, 2001.

God ordered the Book of Daniel sealed until the days of the End had actually arrived. When that moment is attained, those seals will be broken and a devastating sequence will be launched that will grind like the gears inside the doomsday clock, clicking out in scripture's bitter detail the final events ordained by prophecy for the doomed civilization which the Bible calls "Babylon". This book explains that foretold chronology.


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