The Desolating Sacrilege and the Camp of the Saints


Daniel has written that the 'Desolating Sacrilege'
will be set up by the beast in the "camp of the Saints". Christianity has saints but Judeism does not. The camp of the Christian saints is not in Judea and it is not in Jerusalem, ast least not in the one that borders Palestine. It is located thousands of miles away and has remained in that isolated location for almost 2000 years.

Daniel writes that the 'camp of the Saints' will be called the 'city that God loves'. This tells us that the camp in question is, in fact, a city. This designation limits our choices to only two places on earth; Either the Jerusalem that borders Palestine or Vatican City in Rome.

Vatican City is the headquarters of the Christian camp (the camp of the saints). It speaks to us of the exile to Babylon and represents the largest of the two "Houses of Israel".

The Jerusalem of Palestine is the disputed headquarters of the Jews and Palestinians. This city speaks to us of the ingathering from the dispersion. It represents the second of the two "Houses of Israel".

The Christian camp was designated a 'city' less than a hundred years ago when Mussolini separated church and state in Italy. This shows that the Book of Daniel (designated a sealed document by the angel of God) could not have been interpreted before the late 1920's. Before that date, Vatican City did not exist. The Church was there, but it was not a 'city'. This is a part of the seals that have kept Daniel's book closed preventing interpretation until the last days arrive.

When Jesus made His prophecy concerning the Abomination of Desolation, He referred us to the writings of Daniel with the caution that the reader needed to bring understanding to the text of Daniel's vision. This understanding is a part of our setting the seals on vision and prophecy which the angel told Daniel must take place before the end can come (Daniel 9:24).

Many look for the physical rebuilding of the Jewish Temple and the reestablishment of the priesthood in physical Jerusalem as a part of the end-time process. But Daniel's vision points to the future ­ to Christianity ­ not back to the past. The Book of Revelation tells us that Jesus and God are the Temple and the Book of Hebrews tells us that the reestablishment of the priesthood inherent in Daniel's words "anointing the Holy of Holies", is an invisible priesthood of heart because the "naos" (true Holy of Holies) is located in our own soul. He said the sacrifices we offer there are "justice, mercy and good faith".

The Bible tells us that the two Houses of Israel will not be reunited until the Jews recognize that Jesus is God, saying "blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord". When that moment happens, it will initiate the reappearance of Christ. Until then, the two Houses of Israel will remain separated and a veil will continue to cover the eyes of one of those houses. In other words, the camp of the saints will remain separate and in dispersion.

Jeremiah has told us that what we are seeing now in Jerusalem is not the end of the diaspora, but an advance privelege of return granted on very specific terms These terms are clearly outlined in the Book of Jeremiah (Jer.41-44). Failure to follow these terms is prophesied and will bring stiff penalties when the violations occur.

The Bible tells us that the actual end to the physical part of the diaspora will be executed by the King of the East when he issues a proclamation terminating the treaty Jesus made with Babylon. He will issue this proclamation as a part of his attack on the Church. According to scripture, his edict will bring the two Houses of Israel together back to Jerusalem, and the rest of the world (gathering there against them) to a fiery end.


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