Footnote: Jewish Salvation vs Jewish Persecution

There are two "houses" in Israel. This split was defined allegorically in the events surrounding the death of Solomon and the splitting into two parts of his Hebrew empire under Jereoboam and Rehoboam. This split formed the ten tribes of the north and divided them from the two tribes in the south. The northern tribes disappeared into exile. They have never been seen since. But the prophets, especially Ezekiel, forcast that they would hear a call to come to rebuild Jerusalem, and in that call, return (see Ez.11:14-21). The two southern tribes were the Benjamites and the Jews. Of the twelve tribes, only the Jews remain visible in our time.

Christians understand that Ezekiel's prophecy of the return of the ten lost northern tribes lies hidden in Christ's call to the world to return and rebuild the spiritual Jerusalem He heralded. Paul said that the Jews were made blind by God for the purpose of facilitating this call and return. Once all of these lost "Israelites" (the lost tribes of Israel) are spiritually saved out of the pagan populations into which they have disappeared, the Jews will have their sight restored and be saved instantaneously.

According to Paul, they are suffering blindness in Christ for our sake. They have been made to suffer, but their suffering will turn to great joy when the two Houses of Israel are united as one at the end of the age. That is what the Bible tells us.

That is what Christians believe.


Because a Jewish leadership in Jerusalem in the first century was responsible for pushing the crucifixion of Jesus, the Jewish people have been blamed by many for His death. That kind of logic is patently wrong and frightening. It is like saying that because the Nazi's were Germans, all Germans are Nazi's. This is not only perverted logic, it is totally false. Most of the Jews of Jesus' time were waving palm fronds in front of Jesus when He made His final entrance into Jerusalem. There was an enormous contingent of the population that wanted to make Him king. It was a powerful minority that wanted him dead. The same can be said for the Nazi's in Germany. It was a powerful minority in Germany that instigated the holocaust.

The Nazi's in Germany and the Jewish leaders who clammored for the crucifixion of Jesus were similar groups whose hatred and misguided zeal did great harm to their respective races.

Education in this regard is essential, or misconception of the truth that surrounds these two circumstances will lead many to ignore a third and even more ominous identical process currently building across the Middle East today. Daniel predicted a devastating "Fourth Persian Empire", and it is coming to power now. According to his prophecies, it will inflame the people of the world and incite them to precipitate a war so devastating, little will survive its aftermath.

The engine building that anger may very well be a small, almost insignificant band of outlaws who have arranged themselves around a man called Osama bin Laden. If his poison is allowed to grow and take hostage the entire Arab and Persian people (all the moderate Moslem's who live today in peace) another race will be brought to world villification.

The world needs to understand the difference between the Moslem people and those trying to inflame them. It cannot afford to create a racial enemy and so drive the moderates into the camp of those hollering for war. The realities and dangers inherent in this call and its impact on those who listen need to be understood if we are to avoid making the same mistake all over again for the third and final time.


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