Food Sacrificed to Idols

Before Christ came and changed the world of religion on earth, pagans employed a variety of rituals, virtually all of them centered on food offered to stone, gold or silver idols in the name of various gods.

Christ taught that the food God wanted was not physical, but philosophical. More than that, Jesus said that God's food was a certain kind of behavior. (John 4:34). To explain exactly what that behavior was, Jesus presented to the world the Gospel. It was a teaching, He said, that came, not from earth, but from heaven, directly from the throne of God. (John 3:31-36).

It was a food, Jesus said, that held the secret of eternal life.

His message was explosive and it changed the world almost instantly.

All across the earth the idols were torn down, the blood sacrifices eliminated; and a new kind of food appeared. Instead of man offering food to God, God offered food to man -- a spiritual food that enriched the soul and, in the case of Jesus, gave eternal life to those who 'ate' it.

In keeping with this extraodinary change from physical food to philosophical food, the dictates of the Bible took on a much deeper meaning.

Metaphorically, the philosophy of Babylon (this world) is a type of food. A food sacrificed (dedicated) to idols. The idols are the baubles which acknowledge a successful embodiment of Babylon's philosophy. They are the signet rings of a 'found life'. This is why Jesus said, "Those who find their lives will lose it, but those who lose their lives for the sake of the Gospel will find and inherit eternal life." (Matt.16:24-25).

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