Prayer Under Attack

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Prayer is the vehicle that carries our faith to the throne of God.

When prayer is combined with faith, it constitutes a force that Jesus said can move mountains, showing that it has the ability to implement God's power even to override the inflexible rules of natural law. There is no power on earth strong enough to resist it's might.

Over the last four decades we have witnessed a long, successful and concerted effort by government officials to eliminate prayer by removing it from every aspect of public life on all levels: local, city, state and national. That includes schools, courts, parks, and public property of every kind.

By issuing binding decrees ordering prayer taken away, our government has given official proof that it is no longer calling on the power of God to protect its people or its national sovereignty. It has decided to go it alone. That action has left our nation completely vulnerable to its enemies. It has removed our divine wall of national and populace defense. That wall has been torn down.

Even more damaging is the message these negative actions have sent to our school children and to the U.S. citizens. The wording of their decrees portrays prayer not only as something illegal, but, worse, as something inherently undesirable ­ as something evil. That is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.

Teachers tear their hair out if someone mentions prayer in a classroom. Schools all across the country have refused to allow the pledge of allegiance to be recited because it contains a reference to God. Some schools have forbidden the singing of 'God Bless America'. What is truly amazing, this attack has been very successful.

The most respectable potentates in our society (for several decades now) have denigrated God (particularly the God of Christianity) as an image of bigotry. It has attacked petitions (prayers) invoking His name in public as irrelevant and harmful to public life. Most educators today see prayer as something that needs to be stamped out in the name of the public good.

The argument in favor of the destruction of public prayer in this country revolves around the constitution. The courts have consistently ruled in a way that shows that they believe the constitution is above God, and that the power of the country comes not from God, but from its constitution. Perforce, no prayer. Perforce, no divine defense.

Their actions are outside of God's consent. He has called their decrees "corrupt". It is written in the Psalms:

"(God) never consents to that corrupt tribunal
that imposes disorder as law,
that takes the life of the virtuous
and condemns the innocent to death."

The highest tribunal in our country has imposed as law rulings against prayer that are against the order of God and which, in their implementation have led to immense disorder. Moreover, it is a disorder only beginning.

Did innocent people die when the trade centers collapsed? Of course. Thousands of innocent people died. Could prayer have prevented this disaster? Of course.

"If the Lord does not build the house,
in vain the masons toil;
If God does not guard the city,
in vain the sentries watch." (Ps.127:1).


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