Disappearance of the Ark of the Covenant

When Nebuchaddnezar invaded Judea 500 years before the birth of Christ and led the entire Jewish population of Palestine to a 70-year captivity at the banks of the Euphrates river, his forces burned to the ground the temple of Solomon.

Just before that event occurred, however, Jeremiah, it is written, ran into the temple; into the holy of holies and rescued the Ark of the Covenant. He spirited it away and buried it, together with the 2 stone tablets it contained and on which God had written the Ten Commandments. The location of this buriel, scripture claims, is in a cave at the banks of the Dead Sea.

These items have never been recovered. Their absence created a problem when Herod rebuilt the temple just before the time of Christ. The Holy of Holies was empty of the Testimony of God. There was no Ark there and no stone tablets.

According to the decree issued by Moses at the time of the Sinai compromise, the intermediary sent by God would return with the missing commandments. Not the ten God wrote for the guardian covenant, but all the commandments that God was unable to deliver when the people begged Him not to appear before them.

This missing Testimony was the Word of God the empty Holy of Holies chamber in Herod's temple was waiting to receive. But it was not allowed in by the servants who were the caretakers of this temple. Instead, just as the parable revealed, they rejected Jesus and killed Him.

Empty and meaningless, the temple was destroyed. It was burned to the ground by the Roman army. It had no meaning anymore because it had been replaced by another, Jesus, Himself -- a spiritual temple that is eternal. A temple within which the Word resides and is firmly entrenched forever.

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