Christian Soldiers

When we were lifted up to life on this earth we found ourselves born on a battlefield. There is a huge war going on here and we are caught right in the middle of it. On one side are the armies of God and on the other, the forces of Satan.

This extraordinary war is being fought inside our own bodies. It is a war for our souls. This is why the scriptures are filled with terms of combat. According to the Bible, those who choose for Christ join the war against Babylon and become soldiers for the good, fighting side by side with the angels of God.

Our sword in this battle against wickedness is the word of God. The martyrs are those who have fallen. Though wounded in the flesh, they have all been raised to eternal life in the spirit because they obeyed God. Daniel has termed these fallen Christians 'saints' because they have held onto their sanctification all the way to the end of their flesh. (Dn.7:18-22).

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