Signs in the Heavens

The following is a list of some of the cosmic signs in the heavens that have occurred in just the last 95 years; most of them in just the last 40 years.

1. 1908 Comet hits Russia (unpopulated Siberia) leveling and incinerating thousands of miles of forest. Lights up Europe like day as it passes overhead in the sky. Impacts in Siberia with more power than a hydrogen bomb. From ancient times, the sight of comets has always been considered as a foreboding of impending disaster. The 20th Century has seen world-wide disaster greater than any other in human history.

2. Solar system mapped, Uranus & Pluto discovered

3. Discovery of craters on earth that are meteoric, indicating that huge meteors crashed into earth.

4. Milky way determined to be the universe.

5. Exploding stars (nova's & supernova's) and their nebulary debris discovered

6. Telescopes reveal enormous gas clouds.

7. Star birth seen

8. Scientists discover a universe filled with invisible microwave, x-ray and nuclear radiation

9. Hydrogen bomb invented bringing the fire of the sun and stars down to earth

10. Existance of galaxies and galaxy clusters revealed.

11. Discovery of galaxies expands size of the universe to incalculable distances. Some of its light found to be so far away it hasn't even reached us yet.

12. Studies reveal sun will burn out in about 2 billion years and as it does so it will expand beyond the orbit of the earth, consuming the planet.

13. Colliding galaxies seen

14. Pulsars discovered

15. Big Bang proved - Universe born in explosion of light 13.7 billion years ago

16. A daylight fireball is photgraphed crossing northwestern USA in a close near-miss of asteroid impact

17. Satellites, visible traversing the night skies, sent into orbit around the earth.

18. Man walks and drives on the moon

19. Manned orbiting space lab sent into space.

20. Spaceship satellites take detailed pictures of all the planets. Far side of Moon revealed.

21. Man lands instruments and motorized car on Mars

22. Instrument packages dropped on Venus

23. Star-eating black holes discovered

24. Study reveals asteroid impact made dinosaurs extinct

25. Additional giant impact craters found. Research reveals many more mass extinctions from cosmic causes.

26. Comets and asteroids in space photographed up close

27. Astronomers calculate there are more stars in the universe than there are grains of sand on all the beaches of the earth.

28. Multiple asteroids impact Jupiter with power of thousands of hydrogen bombs. In one of the most startling 'signs from the heavens' during this century, cometary fragments the size of mountains bombard the planet Jupiter in a cosmic display of ominous portent.

29. Comet Hale-Bop appears in dazzling celestial display.

30. Dark matter discovered, makes up most of universe

31. Mars makes closest pass to earth in 60,000 years

32. Largest solar explosions in recorded history occur.


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