A CPR to Rescusitate the Soul

In the physical world, the breath of life can, in many circumstances, be returned to a person by CPR. But, even in the best of cases, it only returns for a little while. Like Ezra's wall, bodily cures, no matter how miraculous, soon pass away again. Even the planet must die -- and the universe, too, scripture says.

To keep the breath of life inside a person eternally, a 'CPR' of God is needed. That process is the atonement formula which Jesus brought down to us from heaven.

The cure of God, Jesus said, is divine forgiveness. This is the cure of the soul, and it is achieved through Confession, Prayer and Repentance (CPR) in Jesus Christ -- that is the kind of resuscitation that instills the eternal breath of life into man.

"At last I admitted to you I had sinned; no longer concealing my guilt, I said, 'I will go to the Lord and confess my fault'. And you God, you have forgiven the wrong I did, have pardoned my sin." (Ps.32:5-6).

This is the true meaning of God's call that we be baptised in a state of repentance (Mark 1:4). Following this formula, forgiveness is instantaneous and grace certain. "Happy the man whose fault is forgiven, whose sin is blotted out..." (Ps.32:1).

The moment we vow in baptism to make a conversion to the righteousness preached by Christ, we are set completely free from the sin that locks our soul in death -- our soul set free from our mortal body by the water and from Satan's spiritual infection by our faith in Christ.

In Jesus, Atonement comes from faith -- a faith that leads the believer to take two essential actions,

1. Repent of sin (the CPR of God) (Mt.19:16-22).
2. Convert into the righteousness of God. (Mt.7:21).

This can be seen in the message that always preceded Christ's preaching: "Repent, for the kindom of heaven is close at hand." (Mt.4:17). "...in his name repentance for the forgiveness of sins would be preached to all the nations..." (Luke 24:47).

Repentance without conversion is a subject Jesus covered in a parable -- the story of the person who swept out their house, but left it empty. Repentance brings forgiveness, sweeping the house clean. But conversion is necessary to bring the Spirit of God in to replace all the evil that repentance displaces.

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