The East Wind

When Islamic Arabs captured the city of Jerusalem, it fulfilled the prophecies which predicted that Jerusalem, having been left desolate by the dispersion, would be handed over to the 'east wind'. (Is.27:8).

"You have punished it with expulsion and exile; he pursued it with a blast as fierce at the wind from the east...for the fortified city is abandoned now, it lies deserted, forsaken as a wilderness...for this is a nation without understanding and so its Maker will have no pity for it, he that shaped it will show it no favor." (Is.27:8-11).

Hundreds of years later, Christian forces tried to retrieve this city from Moslem control in a series of Crusades. They were unsuccessful. The east wind still blew there, locked in by the prophecies of scripture.

That same east wind will soon come against Rome for rejecting its conversion:

"Tyre, you used to say: 'I am a ship perfect in beauty' were rich and glorious surrounded by the seas. Out to the open sea your oarsmen rowed you. The east wind has shattered you, surrounded by the seas. Your riches, your goods, your cargo, your crew, your sailors...the whole host who are board: all will sink surrounded by the seas on the day of your shipwreck." (Ez.27:26-27).

'Tyre' in this prophecy is an allegory of Rome foresaking its conversion to Christ.

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