Scripture shows that Eden's corruption was so complete that only nine exceptions to it existed in the history of its civilization: Enoch, and the eight people who were saved at the time of Noah.

Enoch was a type of the rapture in the land of Eden. "Enoch walked with God. Then he vanished because God took him." (Gn.5:24). He lived in the land for 365 years and then ascended directly into heaven. "It was because of his faith that Enoch was taken up and did not have to experience death." (Heb.11:5). Because he pleased God, Satan and his battalion of evil angels had no power over him.

There is something very special about Enoch -- his holiness, his companionship with God and the fact that his life of 365 years (a year of years) relates symbolically, like Jesus, to our sun. What that importance is, we can only speculate, but it is as if Jesus, Himself, had been planted there and then divinely removed because the creation in Eden was too faithless and evil for Him.

We know that Christ pre-existed our earth because scripture tells us so. Before Abraham was, Jesus was (John 8:58). In the Gospel of John it is written, "In the beginning was the Word: the Word was with God and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things came to be, not one thing had its being but through him...he was in the world that had its beginning through him, and the world did not know him." (John 1:1-10).

Was He among the ancient patriarchs in Eden? It is quite probable. Many scholars feel that Jesus was one of the three heavenly beings who appeared to Abraham regarding the destruction of Sodom (Gen. 18-19), so his appearance in Eden seems appropriate. At the very least, Enoch certainly prefigured Jesus.

Enoch was unique because he, alone, among all the beings in Eden enjoyed the companionship of God. This is the same role Jesus has in our own generation. Eden was a civilization before ours that was consumed by wickedness and violence -- a violence which came to a peak in the days of Noah.

When the corruption of that first world reached its nadir, Noah and those who were with him were warned by God to get on an ark and to load it up with the seed of the world and to seal the ark behind them. Once they had complied, God destroyed His first creation in a deluge of waters.

Except for that tiny group of people (Enoch and Noah, and Noah's immediate family) everyone else in Eden perished in the chaos of the watery darkness that had suddenly enveloped their land from on high.

Severing Himself from the creation and returning to His own heaven, God abandoned the lower sea, leaving behind a shattered world swallowed up in the chaotic turbulence of divine punishment and facing eternal disaster.

It is to the spirits of all those people, those who died in the flood, that Jesus descended and preached during His entombment after His own crucifixion.

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