The Fall of the Wall

The prophets of the Old Testament had much to say regarding the walls of Jerusalem. Many of their statements are allegories for our time, especially since one of those walls has been elevated to the status of an icon little less than the temple itself by the returning Jews in Jerusalem.

That wall is called the 'Wailing Wall', and is a part of the basement framework that surrounded the massive Herodian platform upon which the temple and all of the buildings which surrounded it were constructed.

The Jews have refocused their worship on this wall instead of the actual location of the temple because the latter, the rock of Abraham upon which the temples of Solomon and Herod once stood, is controlled by the Moslems who have erected upon it their own temple, the 'Dome of the Rock', the second holiest place in the Islamic religion.

The prophecies of scripture have much to say about wall worship. Ezekiel discusses attempts to 'plaster over' the wall rather than rebuild it (in integrity). Isaiah talks about tearing down houses to get better access to the wall. And Joshua declared that the wall would fall. So did Luke. (Lk.19:43-44).

The prophecies compare this obsession for walls with an attempt to resurrect ancient beliefs and teachings ('waters of the old pool'), rather than adapt to the spiritual morality of holiness forseen by the prophets.

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