The Flesh is not Evil

In the early days of the religion it was thought by many that flesh was evil and the spirit good. But that idea was quickly discarded when it was shown that the sovereignties and powers of the underworld are not flesh and blood either -- Satan and his angels are all spirits.

Flesh is made evil only when the spiritual dominions of Satan enter it. (Spiritual dominions which can be thrown out by the power of God).

Instead of being evil, then, flesh and blood is simply a weak and temporary existence that marks the foreign outpost of God's exile. It is the clothing that God made for Adam and Eve to wear for their exile after they had consumed the forbidden fruit in the garden at Eden. It is a clothing exactly the opposite of God and therefore it prevents us from seeing Him.

In essence then, flesh and blood is part and parcel of the exile -- and that exile is the ultimate meaning of Babylon.

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