Paul, The Governor of Sanctuary and Covenant

While Peter stands in the office of the priesthood, Paul was selected to head a position which equates to Moses, and therefore, to the Law. The station he assumed was termed in the Old Testament: 'Governor of the Sanctuary and Covenant'. It was the office originally held by Moses -- a divine appointment which carries with it dominion over the Law.

Appointed to this office by God, Moses was authorized to write the Hebrew covenant, a temporary guardian covenant meant to be in effect only until the true Father came and instituted its replacement. Jesus turned out to be that True Father.

When God gave Moses authority to write the Law (the Torah), He placed in his hands great control over the design of the framework of the covenant -- i.e., over the template of that covenant which Jesus would later follow with meticulous care.

Everything that would come later in Jesus had to be structured according to the architecture of the template Moses laid down. Jesus made this clear when He insisted to His apostles that everything in Him be carried out exactly as scripture had dictated.

We know that Jesus gave Paul authority over the Mosaic office because it was Paul whose theology forms the basic structure of the New Testament, just as it is Moses' theology upon which all the words of the Torah are based.

We can see in the writings of Paul that Moses was actually holding the office for his successor in Christ. Everything in the Torah (the book of Moses) was about Jesus. "You place your hopes on Moses, and Moses will be your accuser...since it was I that he was writing about." (Jn.5:45-46). So this change was critical to our developing faith because it brought the Bible into alignment with the will of God.

The credentials of this high office, Governor of Sanctuary and Covenent, gave Paul authority to pen scripture itself -- a New Testament that was different from the old.

When given the option, the Jews clung to the Bible and rejected the Gospel. So that Christians would not do the same, the Apostles, with Peter and Paul at the lead, rescinded the Torah, releasing us from every rule in the Old Testament. (Acts 15: 5-29).

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