Bar Kokeba, a False Jewish Messiah

Moses announced to the Israelites assembled at the foot of Mt. Sinai that God was going to send them an intermediary so that they did not have to witness a second time, the frightening approach of God. He informed them that the one God was sending in His place was like one of their own. From that day forward, the Israelites waited patiently for His arrival.

During the Jewish Passover celebration, an empty cup is always placed on the table in case Elijah, the prophet which scripture indicated would precede the Messiah, should suddenly appear. The cup is still there, still waiting.

Disclaiming Jesus and holding out for another 'messiah', Jewish leaders have placed their hopes on a number of 'false messiah's. There have been several Jews down through the centuries making claims to this title. One just a year or two ago, was written about in the New York Times.

The two most serious contender's included the Essene 'Teacher of Righteousness' who lived about 50 years before Jesus was born, and on whose exploits much of the Dead Sea scroll writing was based; and, in 135 A.D., an even more aggressive military leader, Ben Koseba, proclaimed by Rabbi Akiba as both the Messiah and the 'Star' of Numbers 24:17. Deriving his messianic title from scripture, Rabbi Akiba dubbed this Jewish warrior 'Bar Kokeba' (Son of the Star).

Instrumental in fathering the final destruction of Judea, he led the last Jewish revolt against the Roman Empire in 135 A.D., and died in the process. His claim to the title died with him.

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