The Lower Sea

It is written in the Book of Genesis that when God's Spirit hovered over the water at the beginning of time, all was darkness. (Gn.1:2). This means that before there was earth or sea or sky, there was water. This was not H2O per se. It was the kind of 'water' that forms the primordial substance of creation itself.

"God said, 'Let there be a vault in the waters to divide the waters in two'." (Gn.1:6).

This division, the Bible says, formed the three heavens of scripture -- two made out of 'water' and another composed of a kind of deep space which the Bible calls a 'vault' or 'chasm'.

As soon as He had created it, God quietly put the body of waters that lay above the vault away for safe keeping.

It was a most fortuitous move, because one of the higher officials in God's kingdom later rebelled against Him, corrupting one-third of His angels and taking prisoner all the children He had made for the lower water creation.

Everything else in scripture relates to the conflict that followed, i.e., to the war between God and His adversary (Satan), the one scripture calls the dragon. Satan was thrown out of heaven and cast down into the lower waters, to this earth, the site of the kingdom he corrupted.

Above the lower waters, but below the third heaven, stands the vault itself, the heaven in which God and all the angels currently reside, and the place from which Satan was evicted -- a place we might call the 'second' or 'middle' heaven.

Below the middle heaven lies the lower waters -- the waters that lay beneath the vault and which now constitute our own earth and sky (Gen.1:9).

This lower heaven is termed in the Bible, the 'nether sea' ( the lower sea). Within its 'waters' floats the visible 'heaven' above our heads -- all the matter in the universe. This 'lower sea' includes every planet, solar system and galaxy in the sky.

For us in this world, the lower sea seems to constitute everything there is. It is the creation we know. It is the world of 'mother nature -- the world of the flesh. It has nothing to do with the kingdom of God.

The lower sea, scripture tells us, is passing away and one day will be no more. It will never be rebuilt. In its place, God is fashioning a new creation in the upper waters that He kept secretly in place above the vault.

Unlike the lower sea, the water that flows from the breast of Christ springs from this hidden upper waters, wrapping its eternal life-giving properties around our soul. Entering into our hearts it transports us out of the lower waters into the creation of the Father above

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