The Millenium

The millennium is a term which defines the reign of Christ on earth.

It encompasses the 'thousand years' that God has allotted for Jesus and His Church to rule in this world.

"Then I saw an angel come down from heaven with the key of the Abyss in his hand and an enormous chain. He overpowered the dragon...Satan, and chained him up for a thousand years."- Revelations 20:1-2

The angel threw Satan into the Abyss, and shut the entrance and sealed it over him to make sure he would not deceive the nations again until the thousand years had passed. Then...I saw the souls of those...who had refused to worship the beast...they came to life, and reigned with Christ for a thousand years."

There is considerable confusion surrounding this simple vision because many persist in misunderstanding the rule of Christ on earth. Some think the reign defined in this prophecy has to do with a terrestrial bliss that envelops the earth after the return of Jesus. But John's vision is not about that.

John is referring to this world in our own time zone (Satan's earth and its paganism) being suddenly overtaken by the forces of Christ -- something history has already observed and documented. (See Graph) This prophecy is not about our coming future, because the future it describes has, for the most part, already taken place.

It is a vision that describes the last 2000 years ­ the era of Christian rule on Satan's earth. It is a prophecy of the triumphal Church ­ something we have witnessed, but which had not yet occurred when John had his vision of it on Patmos.

This vision takes us back to Rev.13 and describes more fully the time of the 'mortal wound' which God inflicted on the sixth head of the beast (i.e., on Rome and its paganism) -- the mortal wound which gave the Church dominion over the world -- a mortal wound that would later 'heal', allowing the pagans to return to power. "At the end of that time he (Satan) must be released, but only for a short while. " (Rv.20:3-4).

The 'thousand years' which John described in his Book of Revelation, describes the time of the proliferation of Christ's teaching across the length and breadth of the planet -- a time made possible by the incarceration of Satan by God.

Because the various churches have been so much at war with one another -- trying to impose their own ideologies on one another and tear each other down -- the rule of all this Church in the world has been largely ignored.

Like combative brothers and sisters in a contentious family, they have been so consumed with their mutual bickering and fighting, few of them have recognized the millennium which surrounds them, and which has allowed them all to flourish on Satan's earth.

That is because so few are willing to recognize the other churches as a part of themselves or as a part of their Jesus.

For this reason, the millenium has passed virtually unnoticed. In fact, it is almost over. The mortal wound Jesus inflicted on the sixth head of the beast has begun to heal in a great rebellion against Christian rule. Its regeneration has unleashed Satan from his chains and permitted him to be released from his jail in the Abyss.

When the thousand years are over, scripture tells us, Satan will return from that dark cell in the Abyss and mobilize the four quarters of the earth for war. (Rv.20:7-8).

The proof that this prophecy has been fulfilled can be seen in two momentous events: the unprecedented global warfare that has characterized the Twentieth Century, and the quiet transition from Christian to secular rule across the planet that has accompanied all this warfare.

The millennium of world Christian rule, then, has come and gone and almost no one on earth realizes that such an event has even occurred. Instead of premillennium's and postmillennium's, God has given us a contemporary millennium, and it has come wrapped in the peal of church bells.

The millenium of the Messiah encompasses the duration of Christ's treaty of peace with Babylon. It describes the time alloted for salvation on earth before the gate is closed and Jesus returns. We can see that it has lasted almost 2000 years. That means God has doubled the millenium, giving us, in His benevolence, twice what the prophecies stipulated.

That He would do this was foreseen by Joshua.

The duration of Christ's offer on earth is described as the "Day of Atonement". As long as it lasts it represents the light of Christ beaming on earth. It is a "Day of the Lord" ­ a day described in scripture as being 1000 years as far as man is concerned (Ps.90:4). The word "millenium", then, means "Day" of God.

Joshua prophesied that Christ's "Day" would be extended by God. Under the influence of the Holy Spirit, he said that the sun did not set for almost two days (Joshua 10:13-14). That is precisely where we are now. It has been almost 2000 years since Christ walked and preached on earth.

And, true to the prophecy, we can see a "Great Revolt" sweeping God's offer of reconciliation away. The 'Son' is setting; darkness is returning. God's offer is about to be withdrawn. The gate is closing, bringing the 'millenium' of Jesus on earth to an end. That, of course, is what "Persia" is all about, the blistering east winds of prophecy that have now begun to blow in from the Euphrates.


If you would like to continue reading this page, please turn to: 'The Clock of God', Chapter 18, "The Millenium of Christ".


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