The Age of the Pagans - A 70 Year Captivity to Babylon

The prophet Micah declared that the people of God would have to leave Jerusalem and go to Babylon where they would be rescued by God. (Micah 4:10).

Jeremiah prophesied that this incarceration would last 70 years, the average life of a human being.

The meaning is spiritual.

Those who are baptised and commit themselves to Jesus Christ 'leave Babylon' by dying to their past lives. It is this committment accompanied by repentance and conversion that ends the 70-year captivity to sin , giving them freedom to follow the righteous path of Jesus to the kingdom of heaven -- the true Jerusalem.

Jesus termed Babylon's seventy-year reign over the people of God, the 'age of the pagans'. (Lk.21:24). This tells us that the term 'Babylon' is actually a cryptogram for the entire pagan world. And the way it is used, it is a term that seems to encompass not only secularism, but every religion foreign to Christ as well.

Jesus indicated when He stood facing the temple in the Jerusalem of Palestine that the captivity was to begin with His crucifixion. He said that the Jewish temple and other buildings there would all be destroyed and the holy grounds on which they stood, trampled down by the pagans until the 'age of the pagans' had completely come to an end.

History has shown us that the 'age of the pagans' is also the era of conversion of the pagans to God. Paul indicated that the Jewish blindness was used by God to effect this conversion, and that without that blindness, the salvation of the greater world would never have occurred.

This pagan age correlates with the mortal wound to the beast (Imperial Rome), and comes to an end, according to Paul, through a 'Great Revolt'. That rebellion occurs when the people of the world renounce their Christian conversion and return to the gods of their past.

When this revolt is completely at an end, and after all the worldly catastrophe that this rebellion produces, the Jews will once again regain their sight. At that instant, according to Paul, the world will come to an end.


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