The Peace Treaty

The reign of the Church -- the age of the Millenium -- was made possible by a treaty of peace structured between God and this world -- a treaty sealed in the blood of God's only Son, Jesus Christ.

"Listen; the king of Babylon came to Jerusalem; he carried away the king and the princes, and took them to where he lives in Babylon. He took a member of the royal family and made a treaty with that the kingdom would remain modest and without ambition and so maintain his treaty faithfully." (Ez.17:12-14)

When Jesus went to the cross in our name, his action initiated a formal treaty of peace between the world and God -- a treaty designed to give life to the world by holding back the wrath long enough for those who want to escape, to do so in safety.

The treaty does two things. First, it offers eternal life to anyone willing to accept its terms (the Gospel of Jesus), and second, it holds back the vengeance of the last days (the Wrath) from destroying the earth. In both of these actions the treaty has lengthened the term of life.

Delaying the wrath, it has offered the world a short period of reprieve from disaster -- a reprieve which has given each of us time to escape the catastrophe of the Law's decree.

This treaty has remained in effect since the crucifixion and it will continue in effect until the Beast abolishes the sacrifice that legally perpetuates it in the world and erects in its place the abomination Daniel wrote about above the altar of Christ.

For an in depth review of this treaty, See Chapter 10, "The Peace Treaty"

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