The Priesthood of Peter

Looking at the Apostolic appointments made by Christ, we can see the very same offices that were earlier prescribed in the Torah, reproduced in the formative structure of Christianity.

For instance, when Jesus commissioned Peter, He appointed him the 'rock' upon which God would build the Christian Church. This appointment transferred into Peter the sacred image of the temple 'rock', the threshing stone on Mount Moriah upon which Solomon built the Hebrew temple.

Solomon, in placing the Hebrew temple upon it, made that rock in Jerusalem the holiest material entity on the planet as far as the Jews were concerned. According to Hebrew Law, that single rock is the only place on earth where God's temple can legally exist.

By the power of God, Jesus transferred the sanctifying power of this boulder into Peter. And that is why Jesus referred to him as 'Rock' ('Petra'). The declaration transformed his name from Simon to Peter.

The implication was enormous. Upon Peter, the temple of God could be built and spread across the earth in the hearts of all who came into line with him through baptism.

As the first priest in the line of Christ's highest priesthood, Peter's appointment (Mt.16:18-19) secured an office held ready for him by Aaron -- the first High Priest in the Hebrew Law. While Aaron held it for only a select few, it is a station we all become a part of in Christ when we are baptised in Jesus.

It is the station of the high priesthood. It was created to offer sacrifice to God on the highest level, inside the Holy of Holies, which the Hebrew high priest could enter only one time a year (on Yom Kippur).

Jesus, because He is the true temple, took possession of the Holy of Holies from the wicked tenants who misused it (according to His parable), and transported it into the hearts of every person baptised in His name.

Thus, when we bring Jesus into our hearts, we bring the true temple of God into us as well. Entering this temple and holy chamber, our priesthood under Peter, allows us to offer the sacred sacrifices Jesus made acceptable to God - the sacrifices of mercy, love and good faith which Jesus made so clear in His Gospel.

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