Pharaoh Hophra


"And here is the proof for you ­ it is the Lord who speaks ­ that I mean to deal with you in this place: so that you may know that the words with which I threaten you will come true. The Lord says this: I will hand the pharaoh Hophra, king of Egypt, over to his enemies and to those determined to kill him, just as I handed Zedekiah king of Judah over to Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon, his enemy who was bent on killing him." (Jer.44:29-30).


According to Jeremiah, the proof of Israel's catastrophic future as outlined in his prophecies will come in the form of an assassination (Jer.44:29-30). It will involve an individual Jeremiah calls "Hophra, Pharaoh of Egypt".

On October 6, 1981, the president of Egypt, Anwar Sadat, was assassinated by militants for his involvement in a peace treaty signed between Egypt and Israel. This was without question a key part of the fulfilllment of Jeremiah's prophecy. It highlighted in advance the catastrophic invasion of Lebanon that was poised to occur and darken Israel's former glory.

Eight months after this assassination, Israel under Ariel Sharon, invaded and destroyed Lebanon and allowed the massacre of hundreds of unarmed Palestinian refugees. He was exonerated of this crime by a friendly Jerusalem court and spent much of the rest of his life building at an accelerated pace, Israeli settlements in Palestinian lands (the "settlements in Egypt" specifically forbidden by God through the words of Jeremiah). In fact, everything Ariel Sharon did brought Israel into open conflict with Jeremiah's warnings concerning the rules for the return from Babylon (Jer.42:10-18), and subjected his nation to the consequences of those violations (Jer.44:12-14).

Jeremiah, in his prediction of the assassination, associates it with Egypt's conquest of Media (Iraq) and the stationing of Egyptian troops near the Euphrates river (Jer. 46:2-10).. Since those actions have taken place in our time under the flag of a different nation (not Egypt), it seems logical to assume there will be a different "Pharaoh." as well in the second fulfillment of this prophecy. Probably the king of the western world.

This possibility is even more likely considering the fact that Daniel's end-time prophecy defining a similar catastrophe, revolves around a western figure reminiscent of Alexander the Great, his sudden death and the unexpected fracturing of his empire into four parts (Dan.11:3-4). Alexander's image in 21st century garb portrays the western world (Javan), the empire of democracy (Dan. 11:2).

A further clue establishing the identity of the "Egypt" involved in Jeremiah's prophecy is the fact that his warning to the army leaders allowed by God to return to Jerualem before the official end of the Diaspora forbade them to enter into a military pact with Pharaoh's nation. The same empire (the western world) that has now stationed troops at the Euphrates river is also deeply engaged in a military pact with Israel.

While Jeremiah's prophecy predicts disaster for Israel because of these violations, Daniel's prophecies see the shattering of the western world itself, and the fracturing of democracy into four parts across the world, each of them different and none like its source (the western empire that has collapsed).

The proof that at least one of these events (the devastating military defeat of Israel) is certain to be tied to the assassination of the Egyptian "Pharaoh".

The sudden collapse of Alexander's empire represents Daniel's symbolic reference to the ultimate fate of the western world (Javan). It portrays the overthrow of the West and the rise to power of a ten-nation eastern confederacy, the fourth Persian empire darkly foreseen by Daniel to be with iron teeth and bronze claws, eating, crushing and trampling underfoot everything it encounters as it devours the whole earth.

This collapse has to be particularly focused in the United States since we are not only a defining nation in the West, but very the "wall of Babylon", the defense and protection (the policeman as it were) of the rest of the world, especially the western world.

Serious economic collapse would have to be a key part of this collapse, but Ezekiel's prophecies of Tyre suggest the desolation comes in conjunction with disaster ­ a catastrophe he associates with the waters of the sea (Ez. 26:19). If there are several disasters, they may well follow the format of those that descended on America after the Madelyn Murray O'Hare decision. In fact, a war of endless quagmire is already in progress.

Whatever causes this abrupt collapse, it seems to have the effect of severely disabling America's role as the world policeman. If that proves to be the case, there will be no way for America to stem the elements of anarchy that are destined to bring the forces of the East to power during the years between the collapse and the invasion of Israel.

Daniel chronology muddys up after this collapse. That is because it is a time of anarchy preparatory to the coming Wrath (Amos 6:3) when the Church itself is to be invaded.

It is clear that we are at the very threshold of the rise of the evil empire ­ the empire of "great iron teeth" outlined in Daniel's prophecy (Dan.7:7). It's rise is to be concomitant with that of the ten-nation confederacy of the East (the ten kings Daniel foresees taking power in association with the Beast at the end of days). All this will take shape amidst continuous see-sawing battles that are destined to rake the Mideast from now until the end (Dn 11:5-14). The rise of Daniel's iron empire may take several years. Perhaps10 or 20 years.

It is during this violent time that the nations will align themselves into the North and the South in relation to the Euphrates river. In this respect Muslim civil war between Arabs and Persians (Sunni's and Shiites) seems certain to happen. The nations will certainly divide, and it is inconceivable that the new Persians ­ armed militants in the garb of the figures surrounding Osama bin Laden ­ will be tolerant with those Arab countries trying to align themselves with the kingdoms of the South.


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