The Remnant of the House of Israel

The House of Israel was divided by a great schism. As a result of this division, the nation was severly weakened and soon conquered by foreign forces. The nation of Asyria came first. Slashing through the countries of the northern tribes, it took the ten tribes who lived there captive and marched them away, into the lands of the north where they disappeared.

The loss of these ten tribes ended the civil war between them, giving apparent victory to the tribe of Judah, who seemed to inherit the entire promise of God by default. They declared themselves to be the 'chosen race'. The prophet Ezekiel, however, sternly warned that this was not true. He declared that a remnant of the northern tribes would one day return to takes its place in the land of Israel.

"Son of man, the citizens of Jerusalem (the Jews) are telling the rest of the House of Israel, that since they (the other tribes) were sent away from God, that it is to them (the Jews) that the land has been given as their domain. Say therefore, The Lord says this: 'Yes, I have sent them (the other tribes) far away among the nations and I have dispersed them to foreign countries...but I will gather them together from among the peoples, I will bring them all back from the countries where they have been scattered and I will give them the land of Israel." (Ez.11:14-21).

Jeremiah was told by God to "face the North" and to broadcast his prophecies away from the Jews and out toward the lost tribes instead.

"And god said to me, 'Beside faithless Judah, disloyal Israel seems virtuous. So go and shout these words towards the North: 'Come back, disloyal Israel -- it is the Lord who speaks -- I shall frown on you no more, since I am merciful. I shall not keep my resentment forever, only acknowledge your guilt..." (Jer.3:11-13).

'The North is where disaster is boiling over for all who live in this land; since I am going to summon all the kingdoms of the North -- it is God who speaks. They are going to come, and each will set his throne in front of the gates of Jerusalem." (Jer.1:11-15).

"I will bring you all back from the countries where you have been scattered and I will give you the land of Israel. They will come and will purge it of all the horrors and the filthy practices. I will give them a single heart and I will put a new spirit in them...then they shall be my people and I will be their God." (Ez.11:17-21).

More than that, they went on to predict that the northern tribes would be given the sceptre of domination as well, because the leaders of Judah had become so wicked.

"Look how they have rejected the word of God! So what use is their wisdom to them? 'So I will give their wives to other men, their fields to new masters, for all, least no less than greatest, all are out for dishonet gain; prophet no less than priest, all practice fraud." (Jer.8:9-10).

"I tell you, then, that the kingdom of God will be taken from you and given to a people who will produce its fruit." (Mt.21:43).

The return of the remnant is shown to be structured in the birth of a special baby and in the pregnancy of an anointed lady. We can see this theme repeated graphically during the Christmas season.

"God is going to abandon them till the time when she who is to give birth, gives birth. Then the remnant of his brothers will come back to the sons of Israel". (Micah 5:2-3).

The theme of the seven churches and their critical role in the flow of the living water of heaven can be seen in this prophcy:

"And God will...stretch out his hand over the River, and divide it into seven streams, for men to cross dry-shod, to make a pathway for the remnant of his people..." (Is.11:15).

Despite the importance of the churches, there will be only one teacher. God will feed the entire flock himself. Man's role will only be to spread the news. The remnant will follow God, not men.

"I am going to feed my flock myself." (Ez.34:10-11). "He will stand and feed his flock with the power of God...then the remnant of Jacob will...put no hope in men, expect nothing from mankind." (Micah 5:6-7).

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