Seventy Weeks ­ Daniel 9:24

"Seventy weeks are decreed for your people and your holy city, for putting an end to transgression, for placing the seals on sin, for doing away with crime, for introducing everlasting righteousness, for setting the seal on vision and on prophecy and for anointing the Holy of Holies.

Know this and understand: from the time this message went out: "Return and rebuild Jerusalem" to the coming of an anointed Prince, seven weeks and sixty-two weeks, with squares and ramparts restored and rebuilt,but in a time of trouble. And after the sixty-two weeks an anointed one will be cut off -- and the city and the sanctuary will be destroyed by a prince who will come."

These 70 weeks are a symbolic period that stand for the sum total of days God has allowed for His Peace Treaty to be in effect on earth before the catastrophe arrives. They are the days on earth we can measure in Jesus. They began in Bethlehem and will end in Jerusalem.

Daniel has divided them into 7 weeks, 62 weeks and 1 week. These stand for the three era's of Christianity. The first measures the time of Christ's preaching and includes the first war ­ the time of the great martyrdom of the Church. The 62 weeks stand for the world's acceptance of the Gospel preaching. It is the time of the Church on earth, a time of troubled peace. The last week is the time of the tribulation.

These three Christian era's can be seen in Revelation's description of the millenium (Rev. 19:11 to 20:10).

Breaking this passage down into actual time is easier now than when the words were first recorded, but it only shows that the times are symbolic. The time of the Church is longer than the first war, and the tribulation is the shortest of all.

The call to "Return and rebuild Jerusalem" was issued by Jesus Christ. We rebuild those ruins by converting out of sin and turning ourselves to holiness. Each of us represents a stone. Together, we are the complete city.

The "anointed Prince" scheduled to come at the start of the tribulation is almost certainly Michael the Archangel. It is he who will lead the final contingent of Christians from Babylon to Jerusalem, reuniting the City of David with the City of the Jews. That reunion will reunite the two houses of Israel. They will latch together in the words Jesus predicted "Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord."

The anointed one cut off is the Bishop of Rome whose assassination paves the way for the overthrow of Christ's "Perpetual Sacrifice" (the communion Eucharist). Paul said it was this "one" who blocks the reappearance of the beast on earth. Until he is removed, the beast cannot appear openly. The beast is the "prince who will come". He will ravage the earth until the day Michael reaches Jerusalem.

Then Christ will return in great glory with all the angels of heaven. A sign in heaven will precede His coming.

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