The Country of Sheshak, the Last Ministry of Christ

Jeremiah revealed that God would send a single cup of wine (the Gospel) and make all the nations drink it to the dregs. "Take this cup of wine from my hand and make all the nations to whom I send you drink it, let them drink and reel and lose their wits at the sword I am sending among them." (Jer.25:15-16).

Jeremiah's discourse shows this cup, offered first to the towns of Israel, then sent across the world, throughout the islands of the sea, to the kings of the east, and finally to"all the kingdoms that are on the face of the earth" (Jer.25:26).

His reference that"the country of Sheshak shall drink last of all" (Jer.25:26) seems a vieled implication that the land around the Euphrates will be the cup's final destination. If so, this seems to support other prophecies which show the western world taking control of this area (especially Iraq), perhaps, just after the conclusion of the second 'Gulf War'.

This is very hostile territory for Christian proseletyzing right now. Bibles today are not allowed in any of the lands surrounding the Euphrates river. It would take a momentous and catastrophic upheaval of political fortunes to change this condition.

With the stockpiling of forbidden weapons escalating in the Media and Persia countryside, the second Gulf war seems more and more likely to involve the use of poison and biological gas, if not nuclear weapons. Certainly these instruments have the facilty to catastrophically revamp the political climate in the areas of their use or launching.

So whether Sheshak refers to the leader of a converted Russia (a conversion which has amazingly just now happened) or to the proliferation of Christian messengers in the areas around a shattered Baghdad, one thing in this prophecy seems clear, the time of the end is drawing very very close.

The spread of Christ around the globe, beginning in Jerusalem, has come now almost full circle. Even 10 years ago no one would possibly imagine that there would be such an explosion of Christian believers in Russia.

But a conversion in Iraq would be the most momentous of all. Because that is the location of the first Jewish diaspora, the one that spawned all the prophecies which deal with the end times. It is the land in which Daniel composed his book of the End, and it sits alongside the river that Jeremiah threw his manuscript into.

It would be the most fitting place of all to conclude the world ministry of Christ.

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