The Third Heaven

The third heaven is the highest heaven of all. Paul revealed in prophecy that heaven itself is divided into three parts and that the third is the most important of the three. (2 Cor.12:2). It is a heaven that neither Satan nor any other angel has ever entered.

In the Book of Genesis, the Holy Spirit has defined the formation of these heavens and the earth within the lower part (a heaven described as the 'lower waters'). It is this lower heaven that we can see when we stare up at the sky at night. All the stars and planets, for instance.

Above that is another heaven in which God and all the angels currently dwell, and even higher, above that, is the 'third heaven', a place described in the Book of Genesis as the 'upper waters'.

It is inside this hidden and pristine 'upper waters' that God is creating the kingdom which Jesus will rule. The third heaven has not yet been opened. This heaven is the bride of Christ and cannot be entered until the day of the wedding.


'The Clock of God', Chapter 2, 'Eden'

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