The Torah

The word 'Bible' is Christian and was coined long after Jesus was crucified. Before that, the scriptures were called 'the Law and the Prophets'. This, remember, is the term Jesus used when He talked about the Bible.

The part called 'the Law' was composed by (and in the name of) Moses, and encompasses the first five books of the Old Testament:

Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy.

The Israelites termed these five books 'the Torah' (a Hebrew word which means law). As far as the twelve tribes were concerned, these five writings defined the essence of their entire religion. They governed every aspect of Hebrew life. In them were the stories of Adam and Eve, the flood, the creation, Abraham, the Exodus, Passover, and all the definitions of Hebrew worship laid down by Moses.

The Law contained all the admonitions and regulations about sacrifice and religious expression. Repeated in the Torah were the Ten Commandments which God had given Moses on Mt. Sinai, and which the Hebrew leaders kept encased in the Ark of the Covenant which stood at the very center of the Holy of Holies in their 'Tabernacle of the Testimony'.

These ten statements from heaven keyed the Law. To show this in graphic terms, God, through Moses, instructed the Hebrew's to build the Ark of the Covenant, and to put in it, not the Bible, but only God's Decalouge -- the commandments He, Himself, had inscribed on stone.

God did not allow the Torah to be placed in the Ark. He instructed that it was to remain near it, but outside, on a table. In so doing, God gave certainty to the fact that the Ten Commandments were greater than anything written in the Book of Moses.

This was important because it prepared the Israelites for the later Testimony of God which Jesus would issue; the declarations of which would be above the words of the Bible, and equal to the higher words inscribed on the tablets of stone which the Hebrew leaders venerated with such awe.

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