Wickedness -- The Woman in the Bushel

God showed the prophet Zechariah a bushel with a Woman sitting inside of it. The angel told him that this woman was wickedness, and that the bushel she was imprisoned within was being taken to the land of Babylon -- to Shinar -- where a temple was to be built for it, together with a pedestal on which to place it.

Our own world is Babylon, so we are the destination this bushel was headed for.

"I saw a bushel moving forward and asked, 'What is it?' The angel answered, 'this is their iniquity throughout the country.' At this, a disc of lead was raised, and I saw a Woman sitting inside the bushel. The angel said, 'This is Wickedness'. And he forced her back into the bushel and closed its mouth with the mass of lead. (Zech.5:5-11).

The Woman inside the bushel (Wickedness) is the famous prostitute of the Book of Revelations.

"On her forehead was written a cryptic name: 'Babylon the Great, the mother of all the prostitutes and all the filthy practices on the earth'." (Rev.17:5).

The relationship between these two prophecies shows that Babylon (this secular and pagan world) is the wickedness that God has allowed to be built (under His control) in a dim outpost far removed from His own kingdom.

Imprisoned by God and His angels, wickedness and everything that it infected were carried away by the power of God to this designated and isolated spot to be raised up for judgment. But first, because of the love of God, just ahead of that judgment has come an offer of mercy.

It was into this hostile world erected far out in space (in the lower sea) that Jesus -- God's righteousness -- suddenly appeared.

"When peaceful silence lay over all, and night had run the half of her swift course, down from the heavens, from the royal throne, leapt your all-powerful Word; into the heart of a doomed land the stern warrior leapt. Carrying your commands like a sharp sword, he stood, and filled the universe with death; he touched the sky, yet trod the earth." (Wis.18:14-16).

Even though he had been prophesied in advance, Jesus came in a sudden and unexpected appearance and offered reconciliation with God to those who wanted it. In the process, He destroyed wickedness forever. Its temple and even the land in which it sits will be thrown into an everlasting fire and never be seen again.

"With his power he calmed the Sea, with his wisdom struck Rahab down, His breath made the heavens luminous, his hand transfixed the Fleeing Serpent." (Job 26:12-13).

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