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The following Web sites link to the online pages of requesting readers. They represent requests we have received for linkage and have not been evaluated for content by Goodnews Christian Ministry. They are presented here as a reader service only and in the interest of spreading the proclamation of Jesus Christ to the world. Not all links may still be active since a number represent requests made some time ago.

If you know additional sites that are not here, but should be, please send us the URL's and we will try to incorporate them as time and space permit.

Christian Link Requests from Readers


CROSSNET'S LIST OF CHRISTIAN LINKS Could you please add Crossnet's List of Links. We Currently have thousands of Christian related sites linked and plan on adding additional.

CHAPTER AND VERSE--ONLINE The Gospel Communications Network has developed Bible Gateway, a search tool that lets you search online Bibles for particular passages or words. You can easily restrict your search to one of six English versions of the Bible by selecting from a drop-down list. Bible Gateway even lets you search the Bible in nine languages other than English, including German, French, Spanish, and Tagalog.

Dr Michel AUMIAUX: My christian website seems to be the only one on the web proposing the real free downloading of booklets of about thirty pages each and resulting of the teaching of subjects in many interdenominational prayer groups for almost seven years. My site is in French (changez votre vie) and in English (change your life) and two booklets are downloadable in English since this month of September. They very well fit the Anglo-Saxon world. They are referred by almost all the protestant and catholic christian sites in France. Then, I am happy to let you know this site and I submit it to be listed and reflected in your site. Thank you very much. God bless you! Visit my site Dr Michel AUMIAUX

Norm Conrad Historical Reproductions We offer exquisite Christian Prints, Hero's of the Faith, Sculptures and Prints from our Early American History. We also offer framed Bible pages dating back as far as the 13th century. Within our collection to name but just a few, The Gunwad Bible, The Bible of the American Revolution, The Geneva Bible, The Bishops Bible, 1611 King James Bible and many many more. Norman C. Conrad toll Free 877-313-9002

michael barnett Shalom, please take a moment to review brief, but unique website. it is a sight. also it has a wonderful word on the church and jewish remnant.

Christ Eternal Christian Church Please consider adding our Bible study web site to your listing. Ed Ferner

Prophecy by the Book I find the Book of Revelation to be the least mysterious of any of the books of the Bible. It outlines with perfection, explains itself very well and fills in the Old Testament gaps. It took me 13 years to discover its simplicity and I share with whom ever would like to at least look. I recommend starting with the Introduction. There are graphics and the format is easy.

Amazing Bible Several U.S. missionaries (of whom some have hazarded their lives for the sake of the Gospel in Africa, the Middle East, and India), Bible school teachers, ministers, and an author, have prayerfully combined their talents to make this web site possible. This vast array of Bible information is uniquely presented. Some of these include the GT Chronological 4 Gospels, a great blessing to many that want to learn more of God,s Word including ministers. Jesus Desk has a wealth of Bible knowledge and statistics about Jesus Christ. Spiritual Warfare Desk offers excellent teaching on spiritual warfare that can greatly help the new born-again Christian, as well those that have walked with Christ for many years. The Home Page gives an inspiring testimony, proving the Bible is true. Many as a result of this testimony have given their lives to Christ. The Audio KJV New Testament is also available and can be played for listeners, as well as the written KJV Bible.

Catholic Messages USA/Links Directory Mission Blessed by Pope John Paul II and Cardinal Stickler reveals spiritual state of Catholic Church in USA, and other Western nations. Protestant endorsement. Meant for all of mankind. Preferred categories are: "Apologetics" (since I "defend" the true teachings of the Church in regard to spirituality), and/or "Catholic Directories." *Received PetersNet's highest rating

New Epistle This letter is often referred to as a contemporary epistle; one which proves that God exists, and that Jesus is Who and What He claims to be.

Museltof Christian Ministries based in UK we see our mission as truly international. Just visit our site to check us out. We are museltof christian ministries. We are fully Christian evangelistic (not charismatic) with a particular outreach to cults, especially to those left confused by Armstrongism. Site by former Muslim converted to Christianity. "I would like to recommend a comprehensive website that explains Roman Catholic devotion to Mary, we regard her as the New Eve, but there is alot more on this website too. See especially "The Annunciation" and "the Coronation" on the Rosary page."

AICE ( ) is a nonprofit educational organization based in Maryland. Our Jewish Virtual Library is the world's most comprehensive Jewish cyber encyclopedia with more than 13,000 entries covering everything from anti-Semitism to Zionism. We average more than 16 million hits/monthHasten

The Light Ministries, Dale Tooley

Mel Gibson Movie - "Passion" Info

Christ Eternal Christian (Bible Study)

The Chapel on the Web

Essenes, Scrolls, Christian translation

Accent On The Truth

New Jerusalem News

Biblical Historical Reproductions

Orthodox Knights of St.John; St. Petersburg & Moscow

Vince Diehl (BANDS) Prophecy Site


Antipas Ministries

DCL Online (For Catholic Professionals)

Two Reader Recommended Sites

Christianity Oasis On-Line

Amazing Bible (KJV)

Grollinson Ministries

Christian Persecution World Wide

Christian Bible Prophesy

Bible Prophecy: The Ultimate Deception - Frank L. Caw

Koinonia House Interactive Chuck Missler

Jack Van Impe Ministries

Christian Research Ministries Bob Schlenker researches hidden Bible prophecies

Typology ­ the Rapture

Lucia's Prophecies at Fatima

Dr. Ron Patterson's Christian Disaster Response International

Prophecy in Current News Articles

James Harrison's: "The Pattern and The Prophecy: God's Great Code"

Reformation Online

Museltof Christian Ministries - (UK outreach ministry to cults)

All things Persian - Farsinet

Escape from Armageddon

Epiphany Bulletin Online

Tom and Katie Stewart's Chart of the Tribulation

Christian Business Directory

Truth and Reason

Freedom Ministries

New Day Life Church

Daniel & Revelation Amplified

Post-Tribulation Rapture

Article Compilation about hell and eternal judgment

Robert Smart Website:

War in the Mideast

Carl Postings Website:

Christ Eternal Church

Contemporary Epistle

Babylon the Great is Falling ­ I have just posted my new article "War in Heaven" which details how angels will protect Israel's remnant during World War III written about in the book of Revelation; and how that relates to Christendom's responses to the rapid moral decline of society. Please click on above link and go to "What's New" to read the article.

GodlyPlaces­ a new site bringing together Christian websites and resources from all over the world for God's glory

His Healing Grace ­ I have a new website that just went online that I would appreciate being added to your Christian website links page.


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